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park In the northwest quadrant of the Adirondacks, off a dirt road that parallels the St. Regis River between Paul Smiths and Santa Clara, stands Azure Mountain.  Although its summit is only 2,518 feet above sea level, it offers a sweeping view that is unmatched by that from many higher peaks.  To the north and northwest, the St. Lawrence River is a silver line cordoned by numerous towns, rich farmland and the telltale smoke of heavy industry.  To the south and southeast can be seen many of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks: Whiteface, Marcy, Giant, Algonquin, the Sewards.  More towards the east it is possible to see all the way to the last ridges before the land drops quickly to the Champlain Valley.  Nearer at hand is a mosaic of forest, bog and pond that is interrupted but rarely by logging roads that emerge momentarily from the woods, only to be swallowed up again.

Rooted in Rock, New Adirondack Writing 1975-2000
Edited by Jim Gould
A Century Wild by Neal Burdick
The Adirondack Museum/Syracuse University Press 2001

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